A Simple Anti-Aging Solution

Truth be known, I am obsessed with anti-agers. Seriously, I probably own about three different eye creams, plus a dozen moisturizers and wrinkle-fighting serums—and I haven’t even turned 30 yet! Though after trying The Solution, a new anti-aging lotion developed by Kim Snyder, founder of Envision Beauty, I think I may have finally found “The One”. According to Snyder, The Solution solves all of your anti-aging skincare needs in one bottle. It’s a pretty big promise to deliver on, and I’m not sure whether I’ll ever summon the will power to part with my beloved eye creams. But since trying The Solution and talking to Snyder I’m inching closer to independence…


How is The Solution different from other anti-aging products?
The main distinction between The Solution and other brands is that we designed The Solution to be a one-step, all-in-one, comprehensive aging complex in one bottle. It has natural ingredients that are beneficial and very potent in terms of antioxidant content. But unlike other natural lines that aren’t benefit-driven we have the technology. And we also don’t have any fillers, chemicals, or parabens. We’re not just a natural line, we’re not just a scientific line—we’re everything together.

Actresses Sophia Bush and Kristen Bell are fans of The Solution ($74, envision-beauty.com)

So you can also use The Solution as an eye cream?
The Solution absorbs immediately into the dermis of the skin and it works really well in terms of nourishing the eye area, which needs that extra protection. The Solution also contains grapeseed extract and that helps with capillary fragility. Some women, their skin is so thin around the eyes, you can actually see capillaries and whatnot. So The Solution definitely targets and helps concerns around the eye area like fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness.

Is The Solution appropriate for all skin types?
Use one layer for any season. For any problems that come up with the seasons—dry skin, patchiness—add a second coat. It’s important to give yourself two coats of nourishment instead of doing one thick layer. Heavy creams that contain synthetic oils create a barrier on the surface of your face and don’t actually hydrate the skin. The two main hydrators in The Solution—NaPCA and Hyaluronic Acid—are hydrators your skin naturally produces.

What if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin?
I personally have oily skin and acne-prone skin and I’m concerned with aging, so when I designed this product I designed it with those elements in mind [laughs]. Acne is caused by a variety of reasons and one reason I believe is that women are putting too many different products on their skin and it clogs their pores. The Solution doesn’t contain any harsh synthetics—oils and heavy moisturizers that aren’t natural to the skin—so it won’t cause blockages. If you see a dermatologist and use a topical acne medication, I recommend putting The Solution on top of your topical.

You also have a couple cleansers coming out for Spring 2009. Tell me about those.
The Solution is the star—it’s the flagship product. The reason we designed the cleanser is because it’s important to prepare the skin so that The Solution can be absorbed as much as possible. If you’re using the wrong cleanser, it can strip the skin and create deposits of chemicals. For example, lots of cleansers include sodium laureth sulfates which are [foaming agents] used to strip wax off floors. [The Brightening Cleanser and The Exfoliating Cleanser] are self-foamers—the bottle itself creates a foaming action, not any chemicals we put in. The cleansers are completely natural.

Kimberly Snyder, a beauty and living foods expert, created The Solution. Her inspiration came after researching the use of raw, natural ingredients for beauty/health purposes in communities around the world

Ellie Goulding’s Camera-Ready Makeup Products

Ellie Goulding’s cultivated a pretty natural, glowing look when it comes to makeup. But the sweet sounding Brit, one of 10 artists featured in ELLE’s 2012 Women In Music issue, doesn’t shy away from showing off those big, brown, doll-like eyes of hers. So despite the Haider Ackerman veil hanging from her head, Goulding’s face manages to shine through in our portfolio.

“Ellie’s music is feminine because of her gorgeous voice yet also modern, and we wanted the makeup to have these same qualities,” says Talia Shobrook, who crafted Goulding’s look on behalf of Pink Papaya, a natural beauty brand. To achieve the feminine part of the equation, Shobrook went for glossy pink lips and “fresh, youthful skin,” using Pink Papaya Retexturizing Crème Face Primer, Hydraradiance Age Defying Mineral Foundation, and Mineral Photo Touch Concealer. Contoured, sterling-hued lids drawn with Pink Papaya Luxe Crème Liner in Silver Lining added just the right amount of edge.

To learn what Goulding has planned for her sophomore album, read our interview with the 25-year-old pop star.

Carine Roitfeld for MAC

Carine Roitfeld’s gearing up for a busy fall. The editrix will be a grandmother, launch a magazine (and website) and toast a collaboration with MAC come September. WWD reports that Roitfeld worked with the makeup brand to whip up a collection of cosmetics focusing on the eyes and brows with a nude lip—her own signature look—and even consulted on the packaging of each product. Like all of M.A.C.`s collaborators, she stars in the campaign, too. (We’re betting she got to choose her own photographer since Mario Sorrenti shot the black and white images.) If only Roitfeld would adopt that grand French tradition of packaging magazines in plastic and offering a test-sized mascara or lipstick inside so that she could celebrate both of her projects at once.

Lipstick Queen’s Storybook Formula

Are you a sinner, saint—or somewhere in between? If you fall into the latter category, Lipstick Queen founder Poppy King has just the product for you: a medium-pigment lipstick formula that’s not as sheer as her Saint line, nor as opaque as her Sinner one. The result? A best-of-both-worlds combo that includes color and sheen.

The new lipstick finish debuts this May in the form of Soho, Central Park, and Upper East, a trio of shades packaged in a book-inspired box. Part of Liptropolis, volume one of King’s novel Lipstick Library series (get it?), they’re inspired by Manhattan neighborhoods (King, who lives in New York, swears she knows whether a subway is going uptown or downtown based on her fellow passengers’ lips.)

Each Liptropolis hue is meant to represent their respective locales, with Soho being a maroon-red, Central Park a muted tangerine, and Upper East a sophisticated nude. Look for them at Lipstick Queen retailers and on lipstickqueen.com next month.

One Secret to Gwyneth’s Ageless Skin

One thing’s for certain: When we look at Gwyneth Paltrow, we don’t see the complexion of a 39-year-old woman. But, like when it comes to her figure, Paltrow’s quick to admit how much work goes into looking like an A-list actress.

It’s a mix of good genes and brilliant skin care that gives Paltrow her consistent glow. The actress, who says she doesn’t like Botox, recently revealed her favorite face-saving products in her Goop newsletter, specifically focusing on those available in British pharmacies. While most are only available in the UK, at least one has finally made its way stateside: Indeed Labs.

The brand, which just launched at Walgreens, is “pretty high-tech,” writes Paltrow. “Snoxin promises to reduce lines and wrinkles in seven days while Nanoblur goes even further, professing to make your skin look airbrushed in seconds. Meanwhile, Peptalash promises longer and thicker lashes.”

There are dozens of brands that promise to make your skin look airbrushed, but if the picture at left is any indication of what Paltrow’s raving over, we’re heading to the drug store this weekend.

Marc Jacobs to Launch Makeup

Last week, there was a flurry of excitement over news of a new fragrance from Marc Jacobs. Which teen starlet, we wondered, would be the face of Dot? But this week there’s even better news: Jacobs is working with Sephora on a full range of cosmetics.

The designer, who shows off his flair for color season after season, told WWD, “Anything to me that is part of the joy, the ritual, of getting dressed—things that women enjoy like bags, shoes, fragrance, clothes, makeup—that’s what fashion’s about for me. I love the opportunity, wherever there is one, to adorn, to decorate, to scent, to dress. That’s what fashion’s all about. It’s not necessary, it’s something you want—it’s a fancy and a whim.”

Jacobs let the news drop surprisingly early. He’s only had one meeting with the store and just started thinking about products and colors, which means no release date’s been set. “I think it will take some time,” the designer said. If anyone can hold the world’s attention for a year or two, it’s Jacobs.

Paula Patton Launches How-To Makeup Videos with CoverGirl

“I’m just the canvas—they only use my face!” insists CoverGirl Queen celebrity brand ambassador Paula Patton, whose how-to videos with makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff just launched on the brand’s YouTube channel (view a clip after the jump). Despite her modesty, however, it’s clear Patton knows a thing or two about cosmetics and skin care.

When did you first get into makeup?
It started with dress-up—I loved wearing my mom’s clothes and looking in the mirror as she did my makeup. But I didn’t apply it myself until I was 14 or 15. I remember going to the drugstore and buying this wine-colored lipstick—I felt so great going to school with it on!

Why do how-to makeup videos?
Near the end of high school, I started breaking out. I wish I’d had how-to videos back then! It wasn’t until after my acne stage that I learned how to correct my imperfections in a natural-looking way. I’m a work in progress, but observing makeup artists has helped—for example, when it comes to covering a blemish, I know now that less is more. Instead of using foundation all over my face, I’ll just dab cream concealer on a spot and brush CoverGirl Queen Collection Lasting Matte Pressed Powder over it. It has great coverage and blends well, so when I’m trying to look cute for my husband [Robin Thicke] or a big meeting, I’ll use it. There’s always that urge to use more makeup, but Ashunta taught me to see the big picture—to stop focusing on a blemish so much and to step back from the mirror.

It’s hard to believe that you ever had acne issues—how do you maintain such a blemish-free complexion?
I hate the idea of someone picking at my skin, which is why I love oxygen facials. They’re non-invasive but still target problem areas—I’ll get them the day of or the day before a red carpet event.

When I’m shooting a movie, wearing heavy makeup 14 to 15 hours a day, I always wash my face afterward. I really like Ayur-Medic’s Papaya Enzyme Scrub and Clearifying Mask because they’re not too harsh but I see results. If my eyes are puffy in the morning, I’ll use Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Instant Treatment Eye Mask to help with the swelling—I put it on and then, boom! My eyes are all better. Besides facials and good skin care habits, I just make sure to drink lots of water and green tea—I also wear Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50 to stop the aging process a bit. It doesn’t leave any white residue, so it’s perfect for wearing under makeup.

What’s your favorite facial feature to play up?
I love wearing mascara—the CoverGirl Queen Collection has this great Lash Fanatic Mascara—but I think I’d have to say my lips. Putting even the slightest bit of lipstick on them adds a nice feminine touch.

What’s your husband’s favorite facial feature on you?
I think he’d say my eyes and lips, but he’s a bit biased! Men only think about a couple things. They’ll look into your eyes and then it’s like, let’s kiss!

Butter London Gets Lippy

Matching nails and lips are in for spring—the color-coordinated look made waves at shows like Christian Dior and Donna Karan (while Dior favored a cherry combo, the latter opted for maroon).

Making the most of the trend is lacquer brand Butter London, which has created several new lip glosses to correspond with their most popular nail hues. Available exclusively at Ulta and butterlondon.com, the new Lippy range marks the brand’s first foray into lip color and includes five rich shades: Primrose Hill Picnic (fuschia), Snog (hot pink), Teddy Girl (pale pink), Trout Pout (salmon), and Yummy Mummy (shown here).

The question is: will you hop on the “matchy-matchy” bandwagon?

Ruby Aldridge & Abbey Lee Star in cK One’s New Cosmetics Ads

CK One just got cooler: today, the brand announced it’s expanding its fragrance, denim, and underwear empire to makeup. The 130-product cosmetic line launches overseas next month and in the U.S. this April. Headlining the campaign is a bevy of international models, including it-girls Ruby Aldridge and Abbey Lee Kershaw. Aldridge shows off flawless skin in a foundation ad, though she says without makeup, her complexion wasn’t always so perfect. “I’m prone to breakouts but getting facials at Mario Badescu has made my skin amazing,” she raves. “It’s super old-school and all their estheticians have been there for years, but they do such a good job! I started using their moisturizer, cleanser, and toner. They also have this spot cream that I love.”

When Kershaw went platinum a couple years ago, she listed Marilyn Monroe as her inspiration—so it’s fitting that, for her lipstick spread, her blond tresses are paired with a Monroe-esque rouge pout. Besides foundation and lip color, the new CK One makeup collection includes mascara and high-pigmented eye pencils.

Sweet Victory: YSL’s New Forever Youth Liberator

An important distinction: Excess glucose in your bloodstream from a sugar-loaded diet is bad news for skin, but glycans, complex saccharide chains—i.e., sugars—found naturally in the body, are anti-aging miracle workers. They form the gel-like substances between skin cells that provide plumpness while also acting as antennae that send intercellular messages, but they diminish as we age, limiting the skin’s ability to regenerate as it did when it was young. Yves Saint Laurent’s new Forever Youth Liberator line boasts a patented Glycanactif complex that restores three of the key glycans commonly lost in aging skin so that the skin can rebuild itself from the inside out.

“What we’ve been able to do is look at the very long chains that make up glycan structures, isolate the specific parts that send the key messages, and then synthesize them in the lab,” says Professor Peter H. Seeberger, director of the department for Biomolecular Systems at Germany’s Max Planck Institute and a developer of Glycanactif.

This amped-up glycan activity, YSL claims, will result in better production of hyaluronic acid, promote thickening of the epidermis, speed cell turnover, and fortify the intercellular structure, resulting in firmer, more even-toned skin.

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